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◆えどふみの「SIREN」10周年特別記念放送 [GAME メモ]


▼『SIREN | プレイステーション[レジスタードトレードマーク] オフィシャルサイト 』


「SCP Containment Breach」 [GAME メモ]

◆「SCP Containment Breach」

以前のバージョンもバグがおおく基本プレイはきつめ ゲーム自体はベータ版で開発途中、いまのバージョン(8.2)ではセーブがよみこめないバグがあるっぽい。 F5でセーブすれば死亡後ゲーム続いている状況でのロードは読み込めるが、ロード後床にハマってしまう場合がある。 一度ゲームが落ちるとセーブデータがロードできないこと多し。 即死ゲームなのでプレイは難しい状況、バージョンアップまち

・2014/01/18 SCP - CONTAINMENT BREACH V0.9.1にバージョンアップ
SCP-035 - SCP財団
SCP-148 - SCP財団


▼『SCP - Containment Breach 』

▼『The SCP Foundation 』
▼『SCP財団 』

▼『The SCP Foundation 非公式日本語化wiki 』

▼『SCP Containment Breachとは (エスシーピーコンテインメントブリーチとは) [単語記事] - ニコニコ大百科』

▼『SCP-173 - SCP財団 』

scp 173 - Google 検索

・2014/01/18 SCP - CONTAINMENT BREACH V0.9.1にバージョンアップ
- minor graphical improvements to the menus
- refining the gas mask in SCP-914 works again
- the hazmat suit now protects from decontamination gas
- fixed the bugged checkpoint rooms that lead out of the map
- SCP-079 now broadcasts the actual feed from SCP-895's chamber, not just
the hallucinations
- SCP-500 loading screen and a more canon SCP-500-01 model
- MTF loading screen
- SCP-035's room doesn't crash the map creator anymore


- SCP-035 and SCP-148
- improved SCP-173 AI (it shouldn't randomly fall from the ceiling anymore)
- some additions to the intro:
- random announcements
- a new npc
- the mute guard doesn't get stuck inside doors anymore
- lots of new sound effects, including zone-specific ambient sounds
- texture-specific footstep sounds
- a couple of bugfixes in the "plane area" in the pocket dimension
- new background music in the pocket dimension
- lots of bugfixes in the MTF AI
- significantly faster pathfinding algorithm - the MTF don't cause fps drops
as much as before
- SCP-079 can now broadcast the camera feed from SCP-895's chamber on any monitor
in the facility, unless you [DATA REDACTED]
- now there's an actual purpose to enter SCP-008's containment chamber
- Gate A is now slightly harder to reach
- moved the cafeteria from the heavy containment zone to the entrance zone
- dropped items don't clip through each other anymore
- more bugfixes by juanjpro:
- Fixed crashes related to the following events:
- room2servers
- room106
- room2closets
- room2elevator
- Game won't freeze when loading reaches 45% with debug on
- Stabilized the launcher (MAVs should be less frequent when using the launcher)
- Levers will not reset when you load a game
- Hopefully, no more falling through the floor this time